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June 23, 2023

Dialogues 23-11 “Bridges” from High School to College to Career

Deanna Strauss-Hersko, Manager of the Career Technical Pathway, part of “Bridges to Success” at Lorain County Community College, discusses with Vince Ventresco, an Avon High graduate and early participant in the program, a program developed by LCCC at the request of Avon High School.  It is already benefitting students who had been seeking career paths during their senior year in high school.  Ventresco, one of the program’s first participants, talks about how it led him to pursue an eventual bachelor’s degree for applied science in Microelectronic Manufacturing

May 8, 2019

Dialogues 19-12 LCCC SAIL Program – Dr. Ballinger

Another Innovative Program from LCCC

SAIL is a program for students who come from families in which no one has ever


attended college and/or are in low income situations, now have a means to attend college and receive a degree and more.  S-A-I-L stands for Students Accelerating in Learning.  In this “Dialogues” interview, the  President of Lorain County Community College, Dr. Marcia Ballinger, offers details of this program and its success. Information is also provided on how anyone can learn more about it.  Individuals can contact Matt Mercado at LCCC—at 1- 440-366-7320…or email him at:

March 19, 2019

Dialogues on Education 19-08 FLEX Program, Part 2


On this Dialogues program, the FlexFactor program begun at Lorain County Community College’s Early College High School is now expanding to school districts across the county.  It involves local businesses and industry in developing student talent with the idea for future employment in the area of Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing.    Students are immersed into the world of advanced manufacturing technology.  They then  may continue into LCCC’s Micro Electronic  Mechanical Systems program where there has been great success in having each student involved in an internship, and in many cases, full time employment with local industries.  FlexFactor College Prep Coordinator Deanna Hersko  (right, above) and Director of Talent and Business Innovation, Terri Sandu (right, below), are the featured guests with information on how students can get involved.

Dialogues on Education 19-07 LCCC and NEXTFLEX



NextFlex is a California company located in the famed Silicon Valley which chose Lorain County and LCCC’s Early College High School as its first non-West Coast location to introduce its innovative program that allows middle and high school students to gain industry exposure to kickstart their career paths. The area of cutting-edge flexible electronics is introduced to students. Innovations in this area apply to many industries from automotive to medical and beyond. Program Director Brynt Parmeter offers insights into how the program works, how it has expanded in Lorain County and how students are learning about new career paths in this “Dialogues” interview.

March 13, 2019

Dialogues on Education 19-05 Training for MEMS Careers

MEMS:  Careers for Now and the Future

Vanderford with students

Micro Electric Mechanical Systems is a relatively new program at Lorain County Community College but it has great success. Students are required to be involved in internships which most often proceed into full-time jobs while receiving a degree and supporting local manufacturers who are in need of the skilled workers.  Johnny Vanderford (pictured with students) is the Director of the MEMS program at LCCC.   He explains how the program works, the fact that employers are asking for these student interns, and the high success rate of student employment once they finish and without a lot of college debt. [LCCC photo]

April 20, 2017

Dialogues 17-09 LCCC Early College High School


Jordan-Brown-LCCC Dr to be-white-coat


ECHS-Logo2 Jordan Brown is well on his way to becoming a doctor, and Early College High School at Lorain County Community College gave him an important boost toward his career.  In this interview he tells Bob Tayek about how the program works, and how for many students, there’s a lot to gain and virtually nothing to lose in terms of ones high school experience.  This is an eye-opening follow up to Bob’s earlier interview with college president Marcia Ballinger, also on this site.

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