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March 19, 2019

Dialogues on Education 19-08 FLEX Program, Part 2


On this Dialogues program, the FlexFactor program begun at Lorain County Community College’s Early College High School is now expanding to school districts across the county.  It involves local businesses and industry in developing student talent with the idea for future employment in the area of Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing.    Students are immersed into the world of advanced manufacturing technology.  They then  may continue into LCCC’s Micro Electronic  Mechanical Systems program where there has been great success in having each student involved in an internship, and in many cases, full time employment with local industries.  FlexFactor College Prep Coordinator Deanna Hersko  (right, above) and Director of Talent and Business Innovation, Terri Sandu (right, below), are the featured guests with information on how students can get involved.

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