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June 10, 2022

Dialogues 22-12 Nordson Corporation: Manufacturing & Community Service

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Nordson Corporation is not only a source of innovative products for industry worldwide, but it is also a leader in philanthropy in the communities where it operates. Founded in Lorain County, Ohio, the company has financed hundreds of programs since its founding in 1989. Cecilia Render, the long-time Executive Director of the Nordson Corporation Foundation, speaks here of the Corporation’s goals in the area of education, with particular attention to the area of “STEM” – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The Foundation is the charter sponsor of our Scholastic Games broadcasts.

Dialogues 22-11 Nursing Education at Notre Dame College

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All are aware of the impact the pandemic has had on the nursing profession. Notre Dame College in South Euclid, Ohio, has programs that not only train nurses, but focus on the extraordinary pressures the pandemic has placed on them and ways to deal with those pressures. Dr. Sweeney, who heads the nursing department at the college, provides valuable insights for those considering the profession.

Dialogues 22-10 Visiting Ohio’s Heidelberg University

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Heidelberg University in Tiffin, Ohio, was founded in 1850, and has evolved into an institution of distinction including market-driven initiatives to assist students in the pursuit of affordable four-year degrees. One business program offers a tuition-free MBA degree for qualified students. Heidelberg Vice President Tony Bourne offers insight and helpful information for those seeking a college degree.

Dialogues 22-09 The 21st Century Library

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Jennifer Harmon is a spokesperson for the Elyria Public Library System which proudly boasts a brand new main branch downtown. It is just part of a growing, modern community library system, and she has all the details in this edition of the Dialogues series.

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