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June 23, 2023

Dialogues 23-13 Historical Society Involves Students in Oral History Quests

Barb Piscopo, Executive Director of the Lorain Historical Society, discusses several active programs based around student involvement applied to the Society’s motto, “History is the Foundation for strong, vibrant communities.”  She discusses the efforts of Lorain County Community College students in recording oral histories, particularly from Lorain’s Latino community as well as development of  the society’s newest initiative for the African American community in Lorain.  She also talks about how the Lorain Historical Society will be involved in this year’s 55th annual Lorain International Festival

Dialogues 23-09 Students Helping Students: The “We Serve” Program

“We Serve” is a national program offered to high schools giving students opportunities to assist students from other districts with tutoring or service assistance.  In this interview, Krystine Frisch, a veteran English teacher at Avon Lake High School, gives details on how 60 Advanced Placement English  students from her school tutored first and third graders at Clearview’s Vincent Elementary School to prepare for their state reading exams.  This highly successful program is only one of several involving voluntary participants from Avon Lake high school. She further explains how “We Serve” can be available for other interested schools

June 22, 2023

Dialogues 23-07 School Safety: An Update

Safety and Security in our public school buildings are the topic of this Dialogues interview with Ken Trump, the President of National School Safety and Security Services. His company, a preeminent, nationally recognized consultant on school safety and security, is based in Cleveland, and was recently hired by the Lorain City Schools to enhance their programs.  He explains evaluation process and training exercises which include administrators, teachers, and consultations

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