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March 10, 2011

Tuition Credit Procedures

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REV. 5/2012

Among various prizes awarded in connection with the quiz program are tuition credit awards from participating colleges and universities.  For the basic schedule (preceding playoffs) each participating high school is awarded a $500 tuition credit, with additional awards going to finalist schools.


1.  The radio program is renewed on a yearly basis, its continuation determined by the station and its various sponsors.  Participating colleges and universities do so in the form of tuition credits.  Other prize arrangements are made with the approval of the producers and prize suppliers.

2.  Many area high schools are invited to participate and a random drawing will be used to assign the basic $500 tuition credits from the various individual colleges and universities to the individual high schools.  Obvious mismatches will be eliminated by a predetermined method (i.e., tuition credits to a boys high school from a women’s college) such as switching the credits awarded between the two high schools competing on a program.  If there are no students at a given high school accepted to attend an assigned college or university, that particular credit may not be used.

3.  As each program is recorded for broadcast, the tuition credits will be announced.  The producer will subsequently email the high schools confirming the announcement of the award with copies of the email going to the college or university.  Attached to the email will be a “Tuition Credit Student ID Form” for an official at the high school to fill out and identify a deserving student at the school who has been accepted for admission at  the awarding college or university.

4.  It must be clear the award of tuition credits is made to the high school.  Neither the station, the producer, nor the sponsors have any role in selecting the individual student or students.  Presumably the contestants themselves would not be the awardees, although there is nothing which precludes this.  Each high school is free to adopt its own method of informing prospective recipients of the tuition credit award and of making the selection.

5.  When the student recipient is selected by the high school, the completed “Tuition Credit Student ID Form” will be filled out, printed, and MAILED to the individual at the college or university identified on the form.  Because personal information about the student is requested, such as his or her Social Security number, it is stipulated that the form be mailed rather than transmitted electronically for security reasons.  The form may be filled out by computer, but care must be taken, as it is a .doc file, and it is possible to alter the form’s format.  This may be minimized by using the “insert” key.

6. It is the option of the college admissions people as to what administrative procedures are followed in order for the student recipient to use a credit.  High schools which advance to playoff rounds may win more than one $500 credit from the same college or university.  That institution may stipulate that a single student receive no more than one of these credits.

7.  Receipt of one of these awards does not guarantee admission to the college involved.  That institution’s admissions policies will govern actual enrollment.  Also, college admissions deadlines must be observed.  Nothing in this program “holds space” for a student applicant.

8.    Address QUESTIONS about these procedures to Jim Mehrling at 440-234-6021 or at 216-360-8045 (WCLV).

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