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March 30, 2021

21-07 Quiz Show – Brookside vs. Elyria

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A return engagement for both teams, both of which were runner-ups in their first visit, seeking a winning score to be in the running for this year’s playoffs the team from Brookside High School consists of, left to right, Kassie Brooks, Nico Morello, and Chase Holm; and the Elyria High School team members are, left to right, Olivia Worden, Elena Runion and Emese Toth. Click above to listen to the program in a new window, or click here to read the final result of the competition from our official news release.

March 7, 2021

Dialogues 21-07 Discover the University of Findlay

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The University of Findlay, one of the supporting institutions of the Scholastic Games, is a hidden gem in Northwest Ohio.  The school currently features  major areas of study in  several health care career paths, as well as veterinary science, which have achieved high  success rates with with many Students finding immediate job opportunities.  In this Dialogues interview, University of Findlay President, Dr. Katherine Fell, offers insights on the history and opportunities available at her institution.

March 5, 2021

Dialogues 21-06 LCCC Faces the Challenges of 2020-2021

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In this Dialogues interview, Dr. Marcia Ballinger, President of Lorain County Community College, explains how the college has been able to serve the needs of its students with creative adjustments during the Coronavirus pandemic.  She also explains some unique outreach efforts  to assist those who need assistance during these difficult times. Anyone considering attending LCCC will want to hear her recommendations on who and where to contact the College.

Dialogues 21-05 The “Covid Care Team”

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A new “Covid Care Team” is now working in Lorain County to help residents facing issues during the pandemic.  Whether its navigating unemployment…or dealing with emotional problems…this team is now available to assist anyone who asks.
Interim Executive Director for the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Lorain County, Elaine Georgas, explains the program and offers the contact information numbers and web address for those seeing assistance in this Dialogues interview.

Dialogues 21-04 Student Behavior Issues in Pandemic

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, are Lorain County students being affected by negative behaviors, including suicidal thoughts?  Child and Adolescent Services Director for the Mental Health Addiction and Recovery Services Board of Lorain County, Rebecca Jones, offers valuable tips and insights on how students and families can cope with the social isolation and stress brought on by the pandemic in this offering of Dialogues on Education.

21-06 Quiz Show – Amherst Steele vs. Lake Ridge Academy

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Two strong teams clashed in this week’s program. The team from Marion L Steele High School in Amherst, Ohio, consisted of, left to right, D. J. Theisen, Lia Morrison and John Perez-Strohmeyer; and representing Lake Ridge Academy, left to right, Tyler Young, Abby Rosu, and Alex Masgras. We recommend that you, to hear the program, click above to open the playback machine in a new window. Or you may click here to review the final results in our official news release.

Quiz Show 21-05 Avon vs. North Ridgeville

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The academic teams from Ohio’s Avon High School and North Ridgeville High School meet in this program in an exciting zoom-match. Representing Ridgeville were, left to right, team captain Vincent Kafer, Alex Wood, and Chris Stanulet, and Avon’s panel consisted of, left to right, Liam McCarthy, Matt Downing, and team captain Sam Golik. Click above to hear the competition (we recommend opening a new window) or, if you prefer a “spoiler,” click here to see the final results in our official news release.

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