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May 5, 2021

Dialogues 21-12 NASA, Mars, & Education

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It’s a wonderful opportunity for students: a special free, science-space program being offered at Cleveland’s  NASA Glenn Research Center.  Students learn about space flight and apply what they learn to an actual device that was designed by NASA Glenn scientists for the  Mars landing of the Rover.  Educational Specialist Roger Storm describes the program to interviewer Bob Tayek and explains how local students can become involved.

April 30, 2021

Dialogues 21-11 Solutions to a Decline in College Enrollment

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New research indicates a drop in overall college enrollment numbers as well as in applications, particularly at Community Colleges. A disproportionate number in Black and Hispanic populations are affected, and the situation has been aggravated by the stress of the Covid-19 pandemic.   In this Dialogues interview, the Executive Director of the Higher Education Compact of Greater Cleveland, Maggie McGrath, discusses the problems that can result and offers advice on what can be done to refocus these students so they will be more likely to attend college.

21-14 Quiz Show -QF4- Lake Ridge Acad. vs. Oberlin

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The last of our quarterfinal competitions will round out our list of semifinalists, whose programs will upload in May. The team members representing Lake Ridge Academy are, as pictured left to right, Tyler Young, Finley Pasatta, and Alex Masgras, and representing Oberlin High School are, left to right, Sasha Chen, Zenobia Calhoun, and Marcus Bertoni. Click above to hear the program (we recommend opening a new window for the player), or to read the final results, click here to see our official news release.

April 22, 2021

Dialogues 21-10 Meet the President of Ursuline College

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Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, the Cleveland suburb, is ranked first in the country for student mobility, meaning that students from low income families are able to advance to middle and higher class positions with the jobs they obtain after graduation.  Find out much more from College President, Sister Christine DeVinne, in this interesting profile of the school, which is one of those participating in the Scholastic Games Tuition Credit program, in this episode of  Dialogues on Education.

21-13 Quiz Show -QF3-Amherst vs. Olmsted Falls

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We get closer each week to our 31st annual county academic championship as we present our third quarterfinal. The teams are as follows: Representing Amherst Marion L. Steele High School are, as pictured left to right, D. J. Theisen, Lia Morrison and John Perez-Strohmeyer; and the team from Olmsted Falls High School consists of, left to right, David Vidovich, Rachel Allen, and Elena Strozewski. Click above to hear the competition. We recommend opening the program in a separate window so you can keep browsing as you listen. For those who prefer spoilers, you can click here to read the final results from our official news release.

April 14, 2021

Dialogues 21-09 An Elyria Public Library Update

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  Now just past its 150th anniversary, the Elyria Public Library System is still going strong with services to the community, some in record numbers during this pandemic.  This is an interview with Adam Mathews, the library’s Marketing & Communications Director, who is charged with publicizing numerous events and programs throughout the year. Following a $16 million levy campaign in 2017, the system is currently designing three new library branches and renovation of an existing branch. Here he describes the new main branch being constructed in downtown Elyria and other facets of its operations.

21-12 Quiz Show-QF2-Brookside vs. N. Ridgeville

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Our quarterfinals, the preliminary portion of our playoffs leading up to our 31st annual county championship, feature academic teams from North Ridgeville High School and Brookside, in Sheffield Village, Ohio. Here are screen shots of the team members from our isolated “Zoom” broadcast: Representing North Ridgeville are, left to right, Vincent Kafer, Alex Wood and Chris Stanulet; and Brookside’s team consists of, left to right, Kassie Brooks, Nico Morello, and Chase Holm. Click above to hear the program, and we recommend the option of opening a separate window. For an instant spoiler, go ahead and click here to read the final results from our official news release.

21-11 Quiz Show -QF1-Avon vs. Clearview

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Scholastic Games begins its 2021 playoffs with the first of our quarterfinal competitions. The returning teams are from Avon High School and Clearview High in Lorain, Ohio. Representing Avon are, left to right, Lindsay McKenna, Liam McCarthy and team captain Sam Golik; and Clearview High School’s team consists of, left to right, Sofia Calez, Holly Mariner, and Caitlin McComas. Click above to hear the competition (to open a separate window is recommended), or to read the final from our official news release.

April 1, 2021

Dialogues 21-08 – Another Scholastic Games Veteran becomes a Jeopardy! Champion

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She was a Scholastic Games of Lorain County Stand-out Scholar on the 2000 Elyria High School championship team. Now, she was a winning participant on “Jeopardy!”…the intellectually challenging  TV game show.  Nicole Kozdron joins us in this Dialogues interview to talk about her experiences growing up in Elyria and how she was able to become a Jeopardy contestant in this fun interview.

21-10 Quiz Show – Avon vs. Keystone

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This week the teams from Avon High School and Keystone High in Oberlin, Ohio, are featured. Above are screen shots from our “Zoom” recording session The Avon team members are, as pictured left to right, Lindsay McKenna, Liam McCarthy and Sam Golik. From Keystone the representatives are, left to right, Serena Owens, Noah Weaver, and Tristan Magel. Click above to hear the show. Note that you may choose to open the program in a separate window. If you wish to read the final results, just click here for our official news release.

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