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February 12, 2020

SG20-01 Amherst Steele vs. Vermilion High School

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On our first program of the season the academic team from Amherst Marion L. Steele High School, represented by, left to right, Connor Wood, Aum Desai, and Donald Theisen, faces Vermilion High School‘s team, consisting of, left to right, Rachel Miller, Liberty Oliver, and Patrick Anders.  Click above to hear the show, and if you don’t mind a spoiler, click here for a summary of the final results.

SG20-02 Avon High vs. Lake Ridge Academy

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Avon High School won last year’s championship, but a star player graduated, so anything can happen.  The school is represented by, left to right, Sam Golik, Jacob Boesger, and Connor Smith.  They face a team from the prestigious private school, Lake Ridge Academy, represented by, left to right, John Harrington, Ryan Rosu, and Alex Masgras.  Click above to hear the show or, if you can’t stand the suspense, skip to read the final results in our official news release by clicking here.

Dialogues 20-04 Toni Morrison Tributes in home town Lorain, Ohio

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Toni Morrison is considered one of America’s literary giants of the past 50 years. The Nobel, Pulitzer, and Presidential Medal of Honor recipient was a Lorain native and graduate of Lorain High School.

Morrison died last August and is being honored with a special day of remembrance in February (her birthday, February 18th).  Her early life included working at the Lorain Public Library.


In this Dialogues interview, Anastasia Diamond-Ortiz, CEO of the Lorain Public Library System, discusses the special Lorain recognition requested for Morrison, along with her great literary works.  Click above for facts about the library and all of the special Morrison events.

Dialogues 20-03 An Update on Local Philanthropy

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From the Community Foundation of Lorain County (CFLC)


In this “Dialogues” presentation, the foundation’s Executive Director, Cindy Andrews, offers valuable insights concerning the organization’s efforts to enhance educational opportunities in Lorain County. She also updates the progress being made in the “Building Extraordinary Communities in Lorain County” program, an initiative focused on job creation, training, and employment access.


Dialogues 20-01 Nordson Tech Time Challenge

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With the support of the Nordson Corporation—“The Nordson Tech Time Challenge” is returning to Lorain County for another year. In this latest update —host Jami Kinton explains how  entertainment and education merge to attract middle school students to the areas of science, technology, the arts, and math.  The interactive games incorporate all levels of students and include some technology-related awards such as I-Pads for the winning participants.  With support of the Nordson Corporation, once again the Fusion Marketing Group is touring Lorain County schools.  On this edition of “Dialogues on Education,” program host Kinton explains how they are able to grab the students’ attention with an interactive high energy program using current popular music and other techniques to best achieve educational goals.

Dialogues 20-02 “Looking Back at Elyria”

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“Looking Back at Elyria—A Midwest City at Midcentury.” On this Dialogues program author and Elyria native Marci Rich.

Marci Rich (photo by John Rich)

She talks about this memoir which reflects on growing-up in a time when America was on the verge of losing its innocence.  She reflects on how the life and times were sweeter.   It was a time of postwar optimism and prosperity which included a visit to Elyria by then presidential candidate, John F. Kennedy.  Hear all about it by clicking above.


Dialogues 20-05 Educational Service Center

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It’s becoming a more frequently asked question by high school students.  How does one deal with the prospect of attending college and running up huge financial debt?  At the same time, how can a student to determine a career where he or she would be happy spending a lifetime.?  The Educational Service Center of Lorain County, which assists public schools in developing programs to tackle issues like student career development, is in the process of looking at career alternatives.  In this Dialogues program, hear from the superintendent of the Educational Service Center of Lorain County, Franco Gallo, as he explains what’s being done in his teamwork with local school administrators.

February 11, 2020

Avon Lake vs. Elyria High School

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This week’s teams are Avon Lake High School, represented by, left to right, Emmet Fink, Irwin Deng, and Eva Ferrari, opposed by  Elyria High School, whose academic team consists of, left to right, Elena Runion, ,Matt Carson and Em Toth.  Click above to hear the show, or hear the final results by clicking on our news release here.

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