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April 1, 2021

Dialogues 21-08 – Another Scholastic Games Veteran becomes a Jeopardy! Champion

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She was a Scholastic Games of Lorain County Stand-out Scholar on the 2000 Elyria High School championship team. Now, she was a winning participant on “Jeopardy!”…the intellectually challenging  TV game show.  Nicole Kozdron joins us in this Dialogues interview to talk about her experiences growing up in Elyria and how she was able to become a Jeopardy contestant in this fun interview.

21-10 Quiz Show – Avon vs. Keystone

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This week the teams from Avon High School and Keystone High in Oberlin, Ohio, are featured. Above are screen shots from our “Zoom” recording session The Avon team members are, as pictured left to right, Lindsay McKenna, Liam McCarthy and Sam Golik. From Keystone the representatives are, left to right, Serena Owens, Noah Weaver, and Tristan Magel. Click above to hear the show. Note that you may choose to open the program in a separate window. If you wish to read the final results, just click here for our official news release.

21-09 Quiz Show – Midview vs. Oberlin

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The high schools featured in this week’s competition are from Oberlin High School and Midview High located in Grafton, Ohio. Oberlin’s team consists of, left to right, Zenobia Calhoun, Marcus Bertoni, and Sacha Chen; and from Midview High School, as pictured left to right, are Joel Greenly, Evan McGuire and Lindsay Eakins. Click above to hear the show. Opening in a new window is recommended. You can also read a summary of the competition, starting with the final results, by clicking here for our official press release.

21-08 Quiz Show – Amherst Steele vs. Avon Lake

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This week’s program features academic teams from the Lorain County communities of Amherst and Avon Lake. Avon Lake High School is represented by, as pictured left to right, Cole Patton, Grace Osoteo, and Mutasem Al Muhtaseb. The team from Amherst Marion L. Steele High School consists of, left to right, D. J. Theisen, Lia Morrison and John Perez-Strohmeyer. Click above to hear the program. We recommend opening a new window to enable continued browsing of our site. To read a summary and final results, click here for our official news release.

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