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May 13, 2021

15 News Release-SF-Lake Ridge vs. N. Ridgeville

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FOR RELEASE: 5/11/2021 Contact: Jim Mehrling 440-234-6021


Scholastic Games, the weekly quiz show competition between Lorain County high schools, completed its first semifinal as the academic team from Lake Ridge Academy scored a 390 to 310 victory over neighboring North Ridgeville High School. The program is heard Mondays, from 6-7 p.m., on WEOL (AM930 and FM 100.3) with final rounds to be broadcast the first three Mondays in May. In the second semifinal, to be broadcast Monday, May 17th, Amherst Steele and Avon High School will compete, and the championship will be heard the following week.

Representing Lake Ridge Academy were Alex Masgras, Finn Pasatta, and team captain Tyler Young, who earned his third Standout Scholar Award. He won in a second consecutive week following the team’s victory in the fourth semifinal, as these are weekly honors, each including a $50 prize for the student judged by the panel of scorekeepers to have contributed the most to his or her team . The Ridgeville team consisted of Chris Stanulet, Alex Wood, and team captain Vincent Kafer, a previous winner of two Standout awards.

Both teams did very well but the Lake Ridge team managed to outscore its opponents in every round. In round one, with “G word” answers ranging from Gemini to Geiger counter, Lake Ridge ended with a perfect score and North Ridgeville missed on only one answer. Thanks to the luck of drawing the randomly-placed “plus points” question as well, the round ended with a 60 to 40 point lead for Lake Ridge. With another perfect round, Lake Ridge doubled its score in the Current Events Round as Ridgeville added only two correct answers to end the round with a 120 to 60 lead for Lake Ridge.

North Ridgeville’s fortunes turned with a win in the third round, which had a science theme. The change in this round is an opportunity for the opposing team to answer when the first team fails to answer or answers incorrectly. After an unprecedented two rounds of maximum scoring, Lake Ridge gave its first incorrect answer. Ridgeville followed up with a correct response and also drew the “plus points” question and scored to add seventy points in the round, but it was not enough to erase the Lake Ridge lead. The round ended with a 160 to 130 score, only a thirty-point difference going into an explosion of scoring in the next round.

The fourth round offers big scores to students who can respond to factual clues that are deliberately obscure at first. Up to five clues are provided for each answer. A correct answer to a first clue yields fifty points, the last only ten. The first clue mentioned art, the Netherlands and little else. Attempting a 50-point score, Vincent Kafer of North Ridgeville responded with Rembrandt, an incorrect answer. Young of Lake Ridge immediately jumped in to answer Van Gogh and scored fifty. Both teams waited for the 40-point clue on the second item, and Kafer scored correctly this time with the name of Charlemagne.

Young came back with a score on the next item, 30 for naming the Cleveland Orchestra (from clues that hadn’t yet mentioned music), and the alternation continued with 50 for Ridgeville as Kafer identified Brigham Young (after barely a mention of Joseph Smith in the first clue).  The round ended with another 40 points for Lake Ridge as Young identified the Olympics after hearing the date of the first “modern one” (1896).

It was a Lake Ridge lead of 290 to 220 entering the final round, which also has great scoring potential. As the timer went off to end the questioning, two excellent teams had demonstrated extraordinary knowledge. North Ridgeville had scored 90 more points, but Lake Ridge added 100, to ice the win.

Academic teams are all under the supervision of faculty advisors, who deserve much credit for their dedication to team preparation, particularly when those teams reach the playoff level. Advisor for the Lake Ridge team is Justin Schaefer, and the advisor for North Ridgeville is William Majcher.

Lake Ridge Academy is surely on a winning track as it approaches the championship. Surprisingly, the private school has not won the Scholastic Games championship since back in 2015. In fact, all four of the quarterfinalists have won in past years and surely feel they are due to win again. Two programs remain in the series, on May 17th is the second semifinal, Avon vs. Amherst Steele, and the winner will compete against Lake Ridge Academy in the Championship on May 24th.

The Scholastic Games series began in the fall of 1990 with the support of Nordson Corporation and has continued on radio station WEOL during every school year since. Operating under the auspices of the Community West Foundation, in addition to Nordson Corporation, the program has received support this year from the Alfred T. Askew Fund of the Community Foundation of Lorain County, and from the Nord Family Foundation. The Elyria Public Library System has been sponsoring the program on WEOL and providing venue space for program sessions for several years.

Following broadcast, and offer the programs as “podcasts,” which make the programs available on the World Wide Web. Through the years, all public and private high schools have been invited to compete. May’s academic championship will conclude the Scholastic Games’ 31st season.

Over the years, twelve different schools have won the championships, including Amherst Steele (1991, 2015), Elyria (1992, 93, 94, 97, 2000), Admiral King (1995, 1998), Oberlin (1996), North Ridgeville (1999, 2002), Avon Lake (2001, 05, 20), Midview (2003), Keystone (2004), Lake Ridge Acad. (2006, 10), Vermilion (2007, 08), Avon (2009, 16, 17,19), and Olmsted Falls (2011, 12, 13, 14, 18).

Area colleges and universities participate by providing $1000 tuition credit awards for allocation by participating high schools. Participating for all or most of the program’s thirty-year history were Lorain County Community College, Oberlin College, Ursuline College, Ashland University, Baldwin Wallace University, Case Western Reserve, Heidelberg University, John Carroll University, with more recent additional awards from the University of Findlay, Lake Erie College, Tiffin University and Notre Dame College of Ohio.

A member of the Broadcasters Hall of Fame of Akron and Cleveland, the program’s host and producer, Jim Mehrling, is a veteran northeast Ohio broadcaster. After seven years as Chief Announcer at WEOL, he was Production Manager at Cleveland’s WERE-AM for over a decade, and filled a similar role with Cleveland’s WCLV-FM for over 25 years. He is recipient of a 2019 President’s Award from the Cleveland Association of Broadcasters. Again this year, most Scholastic Games programs are followed by a talk feature, “Dialogues in Education,” which presents education success stories with its host, award-winning journalist Bob Tayek.


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