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February 10, 2021

03 News Release – Feb. 10 – Elyria vs. Midview

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The Scholastic Games radio quiz, a weekly program featuring academic teams from Lorain County high schools, aired its third program of the season Tuesday, February 8th on WEOL (AM 930/FM 100.3).  Competing on their home computers, the team from Midview scored a turnaround victory over Elyria with an ultimate score of 220 to 130.

Representing Midview were Lindsay Eakins, Evan McGuire, and team captain Joel Greenly, who was awarded the program’s Standout Scholar Award, which is presented to the student who contributed the most to his or her team, an honor which includes a $50 prize.  Elyria’s team consisted of Elena Runion, Emese Toth, and team captain Olivia Worden.

Similar to the format used on Scholastic Games for 30 years, the program began with the usual “Initial Round,” consisting of answers starting with the same letter.  With answers ranging from Notre Dame to Nixon to narcissism, “N” questions yielded a 40 to 30 point lead for Elyria.  The team maintained its edge in the Current Events round, which ended with a score of 70 to 60. Elyria further increased its lead in the third round, the Theme Round, which focused on world cities that had changed their names: Constantinople to Istanbul, Saigon to Ho Chi Minh City, etc. Elyria ended the round with a 110 to 70 advantage, but things turned around in round four.

Round Four is a multi-clue series in which, for each item, a correct answer to a first clue yields fifty points, with diminishing point values for additional clues, ending with a final clue worth ten points.  In prior years a “buzzer round,” the first response was determined by a team member calling out the name of the team.  If the answer offered is incorrect, the other team receives the remaining clues and a chance to score.  On this week’s program it became the turning point of the contest.

The first set of clue about Mark Twain brought a late response from Midview, yielding a score of 10 points, but Midview’s Greenly scored Clues about Mark Twain advanced to the 10-point level before Midview scored, but Midview’s Greenly quickly added 30 points identifying Minutemen from clues about the Revolutionary War. He later scored another 30 points for naming the state of Alabama as the site of the first capital of the Confederacy.  Neither team scored from clues about scientist Michael Faraday or the poet Shelley, so it was only Midview scoring in that round, doubling the team’s score to a 140 to 110 lead.   

Both teams added points in the final round, but it was Midview doubling its score again, clinching a solid win.  Most teams will have a chance to play again, notably runner-up teams, which will give them a second chance for a winning score.  This year’s eight highest winning scores will earn them positions in the quarterfinals, which begin eliminations for May’s academic championship, which will conclude the Scholastic Games’ 31st season.

Academic teams are all under the supervision of faculty advisors.  Advisor for the Midview team is Mr. Michael Filipiak, and Mr. Jeremy Secaur is advisor for the Elyria team.  Scholastic Games began in the fall of 1990 with the support of Nordson Corporation and has continued on radio station WEOL during every school year since.  The format, originally developed for a Cleveland program in the 1980s, has changed little in the run of the show, though the questions are continually updated.  Often compared to WEWS television’s Academic Challenge program, Scholastic Games has actually run without interruption for a longer period, and its focus on greater Lorain County has provided more opportunities for local schools to compete.  Following broadcast, and offer the programs as “podcasts,” which make the programs available on the World Wide Web.   

Through the years, all public and private high schools have been invited to compete.  Here is the balance of the first round schedule, with programs running between 6 and 7 p.m. on Mondays, to be followed by playoff rounds.

2/15  Sheffield Brookside vs. Olmsted Falls

2/22  Avon vs. North Ridgeville

3/1    Amherst vs. Lake Ridge Academy

3/8  through May: Return matches, Playoffs & Championship

In some weeks, live sports coverage will delay the quiz to Tuesday, same time.  This may affect some of the dates.  

Over the years, twelve different schools have won the championships, including Amherst Steele (1991, 2015), Elyria (1992, 93, 94, 97, 2000), Admiral King (1995, 1998), Oberlin (1996), North Ridgeville (1999, 2002), Avon Lake (2001, 05, 20),  Midview (2003), Keystone (2004), Lake Ridge Acad. (2006, 10), Vermilion (2007, 08), Avon (2009, 16, 17,19), Olmsted Falls (2011, 12, 13, 14, 18).

The program has enjoyed long-term support from Nordson Corporation and various funds of the Community Foundation of Lorain County, the Nord Family Foundation and the Community West Foundation.   The philanthropic fund supporting the program this year is the Alfred T. Askew Fund.  The Elyria Public Library System has been sponsoring the program on WEOL and providing venue space for program sessions for several years. 

Area colleges and universities participate by providing $1000 tuition credit awards for allocation by participating high schools.  Participating for all or most of the program’s thirty-year history were Lorain County Community College, Oberlin College, Ursuline College, Ashland University, Baldwin Wallace University, Case Western Reserve, Heidelberg University, John Carroll University, with more recent additional awards from the University of Findlay, Lake Erie College, Tiffin University and Notre Dame College of Ohio.

A member of the Broadcasters Hall of Fame of Akron and Cleveland, the program’s host and producer, Jim Mehrling, is a veteran northeast Ohio broadcaster.  After seven years as Chief Announcer at WEOL, he was Production Manager at Cleveland’s WERE-AM for over a decade, and filled a similar role with Cleveland’s  WCLV-FM for over 25 years.  He is recipient of a 2019 President’s Award from the Cleveland Association of Broadcasters.  Again this year, most Scholastic Games programs will be followed by a talk feature, “Dialogues in Education,” which presents education success stories with its host, award-winning journalist Bob Tayek.



Greenly, Standout Scholar

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