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April 18, 2020

20-11 Scholastic Games 20-11 QF2 – Elyria Catholic vs. North Ridgeville


This is a return matchup between the academic teams of Lorain county’s Catholic high school against the team from the public school in North Ridgeville.  The Elyria Catholic team consists of, left to right, Gina Rodgers, Paige Miserandino, and Celina Seo.  Opposing them are the team from North Ridgeville High School, left to right, Jonah Fechner, Aidan Cunningham, and Tyler Johnson.  Click above to hear the program, or you may select the spoiler, final results as described in our official news release.  It may be the last of the playoffs this year due to closings necessitated by the corona pandemic.  If quarterfinals are halted the champion school may be selected from point scores of quarterfinal qualifying teams, but the decision on how the season will be completed is still being delayed as schools weigh their reopening options.

20-10 Scholastic Games – Playoff: Brookside vs. Clearview


This is a playoff between the two teams with the lowest winning scores to determine which will advance to the quarterfinals in the quest for the 2020 academic championship of Lorain County.  The team for Brookside High School includes, from left to right, Kassie Brooks, Lucia Morello and Nico Morello.  Behind the participants is alternate Jason Bray.  Opposing them are the academic team from Clearview High School, left to right, Thomas Rivera, Tahj Alkassem and Nathaniel Suprun.  Click above to hear the competition, or if the suspense gets the best of you, jump to read the final results by clicking here for our official news release.

April 4, 2020

20-17 Scholastic Games -“Virtual” Championship- Avon Lake vs. Vermilion

Our 30th season had to be curtailed because of the corona virus pandemic.  In place of our traditional championship, we presented a rerun of our first Quarterfinal competition with was a duel between our two highest scoring teams, and our judges decided, considering the scores of all sixteen competing teams, the winner of this contest deserves championship honors.  The teams are Avon Lake, represented by, as pictured left to right, Cara Buck, Irwin Deng, and Eva Ferrari, and the team from Vermilion High School, left to right, Patrick Anders, Liberty Oliver and Rachel Miller. Click above to listen to the program, or for a quick summary of the final results, click here for our official news release.

June 22, 2019

19-16 Scholastic Games Championship-Avon vs. Avon Lake


Avon and Avon Lake have emerged as the two top teams, each having taken on al comers and emerged victorious.  Avon Lake last won in 2005, its second time to take top honors.  Avon last won in 2017, its third time.  Click above to hear the exciting contest.  Spoiler alert: you can read the final results in our official news release.

May 22, 2017

Dialogues 17-12 Scholastic Games -A Look Back




Interviewer Bob Tayek corners the program’s producer-host, Jim Mehrling, for an inside look at operating a high school quiz show in Lorain County for over a quarter century.  How did it start and what are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of such an endeavor?  These are just a couple of the questions posed in this first-ever venture into turning the tables on the man who is normally the one who asks the questions.

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