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January 26, 2021

Dialogues 21-01 Lorain County Health Dept.

The Coronavirus pandemic and its effect on education in Lorain County is the topic of this first Dialogues program of the 2021 season.
Lorain County Health Commissioner David Covell explains the detailed process and evaluations which have gone into enabling students, teachers and administrators to keep the education process functioning during these trying times. Commissioner Covell offers some timely advice as the county moves into the vaccine phase of the pandemic.”

April 18, 2020

Dialogues 20-11 Lorain County Schools & COVID-19



This new midseason interview with Dr. Franco Gallo of the Educational Service Center addresses the many new challenges to Lorain County schools that resulted from the corona virus crisis.  He describes how various districts are coping with school closings and cancelled events, focusing on at-home learning options and the prospects for graduation ceremonies and a return to normal.  This timely report was expedited for earlier broadcast and excerpts were used on WEOL news broadcasts as well.

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