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March 27, 2020

Dialogues 20-10 Oberlin College Maximizes Online Learning

Educating during the Coronavirus Pandemic


How does educating students continue during the closing of schools and institutions during the crisis?  The President of Oberlin College, Carmen Twillie Ambar, offers insights into how the College is able to continue its classes and instructions.  As a mother of 11-year old triplets, she also offers some suggestions to parents about effectively assisting students who are confined to working at home.  She also explains the distance learning methodology, ZOOM, which Oberlin and other institutions are utilizing to keep the educational process active during this time of worldwide crisis.

March 11, 2020

20-07 Scholastic Games – Elyria Catholic vs. Wellington

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This week’s competitors are the Elyria Catholic team, consisting of, left to right Gina Rodgers, team captain Paige Miserandino, and Celina Seo, facing the academic team from Wellington High School, left to right, Adele Pickering, Maya Feron, and Will Palmison.  Feron and Palmison serve as co-captains of the Wellington team.  Click above to hear the program, or to check out a summary with final results click here for our official news release.

March 3, 2020

Dialogues 20-09 Outreach Programs for High Schoolers at LCCC

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On this Dialogues program, Cindy Kushner, the Director of Marketing & Outreach Initiatives at Lorain County Community College, describes several educational programs at the school that are proving to be very successful as high school students advance their academic or technical educations. The programs have progressed to the extent that 43% of Lorain County high school students are now graduating with LCCC credits through College Credit Plus – saving families $6.5 million. Another impressive statistic is that 61% of Lorain County high school graduates begin their college experience with LCCC.   Click above to hear more details.

Dialogues 20-08 Virtual Reality Comes to Elyria Public Library

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Interested in discovering the virtual world?  You can do so by using the new “Oculus Quest” virtual reality headsets being offered by the Elyria Public Library.  The VR headsets are offered to senior citizens and all demographic groups who might not otherwise have the opportunity to use these new devices which can literally take you around the world.  Learn more about that and the other varied services and opportunities at today’s library in this “Dialogues” conversation with Adam Mathews of the Elyria Public Library system which is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year.

Dialogues 20-07 Student Activity Limitation Legislation

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Is limiting a student-athlete to participating in only one high school sport a good thing?  Amherst State Representative Joe Miller doesn’t think so, and he has introduced a bill in the Ohio legislature which would stop coaches from implementing  what has been termed “the one sport rule.”  In this Dialogues interview, you’ll hear Representative Miller’s argument that limiting a student to participation in only one sport, or one extra-curricular activity (which may include art, music or any number of other possibilities), may not be healthy for any student.   Is it perhaps a benefit only to the coach that implements it?

Dialogues 20-06 Mental Health Issues for Teens

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Teenagers are facing mental health challenges like never before.  Our social media culture often makes it difficult for even the healthiest teen to excel in and out of the classroom.  Cyberbullying, drug addiction, even suicide, has become prevalent in school districts across Lorain County.   On this Dialogues program, Interim Executive Director of the Mental health and Recovery Services Board of Lorain County, Elaine Georgus, offers insights to parents and students alike, and the means for assistance if mental health challenges are suspected.

SG20-06 Oberlin vs. Olmsted Falls

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T wo more schools that have previously won our annual championship are competing this week:  The team from Oberlin, Ohio, consists of, left to right, Zenobia Calhoun, Risa Jackson, and team captain Nicole Bertoni; and

Representing Olmsted Falls were, again left to right, Jacob O’Connor,  team captain Harrison Graham, and David Vidovich.  Click above to hear the show, or for those impatient to learn the final results, click here to read all of the details of the competition in our official news release.

March 2, 2020

SG20-05 Brookside vs. Firelands

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This week’s teams are Brookside High School from Sheffield, Ohio, consisting   of Kassie Brooks, Nico Morello, and team captain Lucia Morello.  Behind them is alternate Jason Bray.  Representing Firelands High in Oberlin were Alessandra Davis, Robert Rose, and team captain Samuel Formholtz.  Listen to the show by clicking above.  Stay on our site by opening the recording in a separate window.  To read about the final results (yes, a spoiler) you may click here to read our official news release.

SG20-04 Midview vs. North Ridgeville

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Competing this week are Midview High School in Grafton, Ohio, represented by, left to right, Evan McGuire, Joel Greenly, and Meghan Hubbard. Their opponents are the academic team from North Ridgeville High School, left to right, Jonah Fechner, Samuel Formholtz, and Alessandra Davis. Click above to listen to the show. To get details of the competition and the final results, check out our official news release by clicking here.

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