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February 23, 2022

Dialogues 22-02 The Pandemic and School Violence

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The escalating problem of violence involving students in our schools due to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  These behaviors are discussed, and assistance is recommended in this Dialogues program featuring Rebecca Jones, Director of Children’s Behavioral Health Services with the Mental Health Addiction and Recovery Service Board of Lorain County.  Jones offers some help for parents and educators including access to the Crisis Text line which teenagers are more likely to use.

February 19, 2022

Dialogues 22-03 Oberlin Man Named “Teacher of the Year”

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This Dialogues program features a local educator who had been nominated, and subsequently was named “National Teacher of the Year.”   He came from a field of 3.2 million teachers and was one of four finalists at the time of this interview.  He has taught history in Room 200 at Oberlin high school for 25 years.  Russell explains his pursuit of teaching and history as his career.  Learn how three pictures…of MLK, JFK, and Jesus Christ influenced the pursuit of his vocation. His national fame, punctuated with several later interviews by major media, may be short lived, but his value as an educator lives on and is treasured by students he has mentored over the years.

February 18, 2022

Dialogues 22-01 From the Community Foundation of Lorain County

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Cynthia Andrews, the Executive Director of the Community Foundation of Lorain County, a benefactor of Scholastic Games as well as countless other worthwhile activities in the region, provides us with an update of this areas philanthropic activity including opportunities for individuals to take part. She provides ample evidence of how the organization lives up to its motto of “People who care about causes that matter.” Examples include the foundation’s responses to critical needs during this Covid- 19 pandemic.  Immediately, a more than quarter million-dollar grant was awarded to Second Harvest Foodbank to help locals in need.  Andrews also talks about educational scholarships now offered to Lorain County students for various pursuits.

May 26, 2021

21-17 Quiz Show – Championship: Amherst Steele vs. Lake Ridge Academy

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The championship has finally arrived and this is one whale of a competition, nip and tuck, at least through the first portions of the program. One thing for sure is that these are two exceptional academic teams, all having adapted well to the challenges of the “Zoom format” during this unprecedented academic year. Taken from screen shots the team members are: For Lake Ridge Academy in North Ridgeville, Ohio, left to right, Tyler Young, Finley Pasaatta, and Alex Masgras, and for Amherst Marion L. Steele High School, left to right, Donald Theisen, Grant Sooy, and John Perez Strohmeyer. Hear the show by clicking above, preferably where it indicates a separate window will be opened. If you can’t wait to read the final results, just click here to read our official news release. A “Dialogues” program interviewing the winning team and its advisor follows the quiz on this recording, by the way.

This program wraps it up for this year, folks. Thanks for following the broadcasts, and hopefully, we’ll see you next year with everything “back to normal.”

May 5, 2021

Dialogues 21-12 NASA, Mars, & Education

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It’s a wonderful opportunity for students: a special free, science-space program being offered at Cleveland’s  NASA Glenn Research Center.  Students learn about space flight and apply what they learn to an actual device that was designed by NASA Glenn scientists for the  Mars landing of the Rover.  Educational Specialist Roger Storm describes the program to interviewer Bob Tayek and explains how local students can become involved.

April 30, 2021

Dialogues 21-11 Solutions to a Decline in College Enrollment

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New research indicates a drop in overall college enrollment numbers as well as in applications, particularly at Community Colleges. A disproportionate number in Black and Hispanic populations are affected, and the situation has been aggravated by the stress of the Covid-19 pandemic.   In this Dialogues interview, the Executive Director of the Higher Education Compact of Greater Cleveland, Maggie McGrath, discusses the problems that can result and offers advice on what can be done to refocus these students so they will be more likely to attend college.

April 22, 2021

Dialogues 21-10 Meet the President of Ursuline College

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Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, the Cleveland suburb, is ranked first in the country for student mobility, meaning that students from low income families are able to advance to middle and higher class positions with the jobs they obtain after graduation.  Find out much more from College President, Sister Christine DeVinne, in this interesting profile of the school, which is one of those participating in the Scholastic Games Tuition Credit program, in this episode of  Dialogues on Education.

April 1, 2021

Dialogues 21-08 – Another Scholastic Games Veteran becomes a Jeopardy! Champion

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She was a Scholastic Games of Lorain County Stand-out Scholar on the 2000 Elyria High School championship team. Now, she was a winning participant on “Jeopardy!”…the intellectually challenging  TV game show.  Nicole Kozdron joins us in this Dialogues interview to talk about her experiences growing up in Elyria and how she was able to become a Jeopardy contestant in this fun interview.

March 7, 2021

Dialogues 21-07 Discover the University of Findlay

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The University of Findlay, one of the supporting institutions of the Scholastic Games, is a hidden gem in Northwest Ohio.  The school currently features  major areas of study in  several health care career paths, as well as veterinary science, which have achieved high  success rates with with many Students finding immediate job opportunities.  In this Dialogues interview, University of Findlay President, Dr. Katherine Fell, offers insights on the history and opportunities available at her institution.

June 2, 2020

20-14 Scholastic Games-“Best of” 2000 Championship

BACK TO 2000: Elyria High Sets 20-Year Win Record

Back in 2000, Elyria High School set a record when it won five championships over the ten years the program had been broadcast. In the twenty years since then the record still stands, having been matched only once by Olmsted Falls High School, which won its fifth in 2018. In this, the 30th year of our competitions, we rebroadcast for the first time that fifth championship by Elyria in 2000. Though many of the academic questions might still be asked of high schoolers today, it may be of particular interest to hear round two, the “Current Events Round,” which actually begins with what was then a historic milestone. By the way, the competing team is from Amherst Marion L. Steele High, which had reached the championship for a third consecutive year, but sadly came in second all three times (to eventually win top honors in 2015). Over the years, 12 different high schools have won the Scholastic Games championship.

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